Key Dates



Submission deadline


Publication of the 5th issue of the Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism


Conference in Úbeda, Spain

Submissions Procedure


All the academics and practitioners of traditional building, architecture and urbanism that carry out their activity or are interested in the scope of the topics proposed for this conference may submit proposals to be presented at it.

All proposals will go through a selection process as detailed below and may be accepted for being presented at the conference for its online or its in-person programs, and/or published in the Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism.

These proposals may be presentations on built work, reflections or research projects. They must be sent to:

Proposal Submission


The submitted proposals must address any of the topics of the conference. The deadline for submissions is 6 September 2024.

Once the proposal is received, the organizing team of the conference will check that its content fulfills the objectives of the conference.

Authors will be notified if their papers have been accepted by September 20, 2024.

If the proposal is selected for its presentation as part of the online or in-person program of the conference, or for its publication on the Journal, the corresponding instructions will be provided by that time.


Proposals must have a length of 500 – 700 words, without counting brief biography, bibliography (if needed) and list of figures and notes. This document must include the title of the text, the name of the author (or authors), the affiliation (if any), their email address (or addresses) and a brief biography of each one of them (up to 120 words each). 

Proposals will be sent in .doc or .docx format (not .pdf) and they must include up to 10 figures (photographs, drawings or plans) that illustrate the text. In addition, a descriptive caption must always be included for each of the images, always indicating the author of the image and / or its source.