The conference will be held on November 17th and 18th, 2021.

The selected papers and works to be presented can also be selected to be published in the new Journal of Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism.

The presentations of papers and works will be recorded before the conference dates and made available on the conference website.

The live program will focus on a series of panel discussions on the selected topics. These panel discussions will include both the selected presenters and guest speakers and will be dealing with the diverse topics of the conference.

The participation of all other attendees will also be encouraged.

Previously recorded

Presentations of selected papers

These presentations will be virtual and will be recorded and made available on the website prior to the Conference.

Instructions for the selected authors to prepare presentations will be provided once the selection is notified.


Panel Discussions

These virtual panel discussions will be the main focus of the live conference.

The authors of the selected papers and works will participate together with other guest experts in the topics of the different sessions in which the conference will be divided.



Guest speakers will introduce each session live. These introductory talks will be related to the topics of the different sessions and serve as a basis for the panel discussions included in each one of them.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is made up by experts that will peer-review and evaluate the submissions following the usual protocols of scientific journals.

Find out more about the Scientific Committee of this conference on the website of the Journal of Traditional Building Architecture and Urbanism


Organizing Institutions

The International Conference on Traditional Building Architecture and Urbanism: Architecture and Community is organized by INTBAU, the Rafael Manzano Prize for New Traditional Architecture and the School of Architecture of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, with the collaboration of the Fundación Ekaba, the Fundação Serra Henriques, the Escola Superior Gallaecia, the Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio, and the Centro de Investigación de Arquitectura Tradicional (CIAT-UPM).


The International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism (INTBAU) is an active network of individuals and institutions dedicated to the creation of humane and harmonious buildings and places which respect local traditions. It brings together those who design, make, maintain, study or enjoy traditional building, architecture and places. The Spanish and Portugese Chapters of INTBAU collaborate closely carrying out several joint initiatives.

Rafael Manzano Prize

The Rafael Manzano Prize for New Traditional Architecture aims to disseminate the principles of traditional and classical architecture and urbanism in contemporary society in the territory of Spain and Portugal, both in the restoration of monuments and urban ensembles, and with new buildings.

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid School of Architecture (ETSAM)