• The conference is held in person in different locations of Spain and Portugal each November. It is also possible to follow it online since most of its cotents are available on this website.


  • It includes discussions, lectures by international architects and demonstrations by traditional building trades masters. 



  • The in-person program will focus on a series of lectures and discussions on the selected topics. These lectures and discussions include both the selected presenters and guest speakers and will be dealing with the diverse topics of the conference. The presentations will be recorded and made available on the conference website weeks after the conference.

In Person Program

Previously recorded

Presentations of selected papers

These presentations will be virtual and will be recorded and made available on the website prior to the Conference.

Instructions for the selected authors to prepare presentations will be provided once the selection is notified.

In person and recorded


Guest speakers will lecture on the topics of the conference. These talks will be recorded and uploaded to the website conference several weeks after the event.

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is made up by experts that will peer-review and evaluate the submissions following the usual protocols of scientific journals.

Find out more about the Scientific Committee of this conference on the website of the Journal of Traditional Building Architecture and Urbanism.




Urban composition and place making

  • Urban designs based on traditional patterns.

  • Town landscape and contextual architecture.

  • Vernacular urban patterns.

  • Civic art and public spaces.

  • Social and environmental sustainability in urban design.

  • Cultural landscapes related to traditional building patterns.

Traditional architecture and local identity

  • New traditional and vernacular designs.

  • History and theory of new traditional and vernacular architecture.

  • Studies on traditional and vernacular architecture of particular places or regions.

  • Preservation and transformation of local identity in architecture.

  • Social aspects of traditional architecture, its preservation and its contemporary continuity.

  • Practice of conservation and restoration of traditional and vernacular architecture.

  • Architectural tradition, environment and sustainability.

Building arts

  • Traditional building crafts.

  • Traditional building techniques and materials.

  • Regional and local building patterns.

  • Historic structures.

  • Social, environmental and economic impact of traditional building.

  • Intangible heritage studies related to traditional building practice.

  • Continuation and preservation of traditional building crafts.

Education and training programs in these fields


Since 2012, we have count on the following lecturers, whose conferences can be watched on our YouTube channel:

Robert Adam, INTBAU UK

Antonio Almagro Gorbea, Architect

Pablo Álvarez Funes, Architect

Selena Anders, University of Notre Dame

Ricardo Arosemena, Architect

José Baganha, Traditional Building Cultures Foundation and INTBAU Portugal

Miguel Ángel Balmaseda Rosa, Carpenter

Manuel Blanco Lage, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Pier Carlo Bontempi, Architect

Mieke Bosse, INTBAU Netherlands

Antonio Maria Braga, Architect

Nada Breitman-Jakov, Architect

Marc Breitman, Architect

Ricardo Cambas, Centro de los Oficios de León

Agustín Castellanos, Centro de los Oficios de León

Alberto Castro Nunes, Architect

Javier Cenicacelaya, Universidad del País Vasco and INTBAU Spain

Ken de Cooman, Architect

José Cornelio da Silva, Architect

Mariana Correia, Universidade Portucalense

Maurice Culot, ARCAS

Melissa DelVecchio, RAMSA

Alberto Diaz Nogal, Centro de los Oficios de León

Aritz Díez Oronoz, Universidad del País Vasco

Oriol Domínguez Martínez, Architect

Richard Economakis, University of Notre Dame

Aina Espases, Consell de Mallorca

Xavier Espinós Bermejo, Architect

Lucía Espinós Bermejo, Architect

Estefanía Fernández-Cid Fernández-Viña, Architect

Jerònia Florit, Consell de Mallorca

Manuel Fortea, Universidad de Extremadura

Christine Franck, INTBAU USA

Jesús García Calderón

José Luis García Grinda, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Alejandro García Hermida, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Traditional Building Cultures Foundation and INTBAU Spain

Francisco Garrido Rus, Blacksmith

José Garrido Rus, Blacksmith

Leopoldo Gil Cornet, Traditional Building Cultures Foundation and INTBAU Spain

Pedro Pablo Godoy, Architect

Luis Fernando Gómez-Stern, Architect

Donald Gray, Architect

Mohamad Hamaouie, INTBAU Levant

Marjorie Hunt, Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage

Juan de Dios de la Hoz Martínez, Traditional Building Cultures Foundation

Jaime de Hoz Onrubia, Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio and CIAT-UPM

Imanol Iparraguirre Barbero, Universidad del País Vasco

Valeriano Jaurrieta, stonemason

Tomasz Jelenski, Cracow University of Technology and INTBAU Polska

Elena Jiménez Sánchez, Architect

Manolis Korres, Architect

Leon Krier, Architecture and Urbanism Consultant

Abelardo Linares del Castillo Valero, Architect

Scott Liddle, Turquoise Mountain

Sara Lobón, Architect

Michael Lykoudis, University if Notre Dame

Taisto Mäkëla, University of Colorado Denver

Rafael Manzano Martos, Architect

Carlos Martín Jiménez, Stonemason

Fernando Martín Sanjuán, Architect

Frank Martínez, University of Miami

David Mayernik, Architect

Ettore Mazzola, University of Notre Dame

José Miguel Merino de Cáceres, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Gabriel Montero Fernandez de Boadilla

Juan Moya, Architect

Manalee Nanavati, Architect

Enrique Nuere Matauco, Architect

José Carlos Palacios Gonzalo, Architect

Julio Jesús Palomino Anguí

Stefanos Polyzoides, University of Notre Dame

Luis Prieto Prieto, Traditional Building Cultures Foundation

Fátima Quesada de la Cuesta, Ceramist

Enrique Rabasa Díaz, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

David Rivera Gámez, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Simon Sandinski, The Prince’s Foundation

Alireza Sagharchi, Architect

Salma Samar Damluji, Architect

Carlos Sánchez, Architect

María Sánchez, Architect

Miguel Sobrino González, Draftsman and Sculptor

Lucien Steil, University of Notre Dame

Rodrigo Toro Sánchez, Architect

Fernando Vela Cossío, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and CIAT-UPM

Marcel Vellinga, Oxford Brookes University

Samir Younés, University of Notre Dame

Organizing Institutions

The International Conference on Traditional Building Architecture and Urbanism is organized thanks to Richard H. Driehaus by Traditional Building Cultures Foundation.

With the collaboration of INTBAU, the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid School of Architectre (ETSAM), Kalam, the Fundação Serra Henriques and the Ordem dos Arquitetos.