Urban composition and place making

  • Urban designs based on traditional patterns.

  • Town landscape and contextual architecture.

  • Vernacular urban patterns.

  • Civic art and public spaces.

  • Social and environmental sustainability in urban design.

  • Cultural landscapes related to traditional building patterns.

Traditional architecture and local identity

  • New traditional and vernacular designs.

  • History and theory of new traditional and vernacular architecture.

  • Studies on traditional and vernacular architecture of particular places or regions.

  • Preservation and transformation of local identity in architecture.

  • Social aspects of traditional architecture, its preservation and its contemporary continuity.

  • Practice of conservation and restoration of traditional and vernacular architecture.

  • Architectural tradition, environment and sustainability.

Building arts

  • Traditional building crafts.

  • Traditional building techniques and materials.

  • Regional and local building patterns.

  • Historic structures.

  • Social, environmental and economic impact of traditional building.

  • Intangible heritage studies related to traditional building practice.

  • Continuation and preservation of traditional building crafts.


Education and training programs in these fields